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Latest News – October 2018

LED Screens Australia has just finished building another three of our custom Portable LED Displays for East Arnhem Regional Council in the NT. These displays will be used in remote indigenous communities for information, educational, training, sporting and entertainment activities. Call us on 0499777907 to find out more about these amazing displays

Three new displays for East Arnhem Regional Council

Latest News – August 2018

Two giant indoor LED Screens / Scoreboards are up and running and Sydney Olympic Parks Quaycentre (formally the State Sports Centre) these screens will be used for major events held at the centre including The Australian Netball League, The Invictus Games and the National Cheer Championships. Call or email for more information on our range of LED displays.

Another Portable LED Display has been delivered to Wadeye in the Northern Territory for use in the local community. An amazing trip to the territory, fantastic to meet the locals for handover and training.

Quaycentre in action

Latest News – May 2018

Scape Living is the premier student accommodation in the heart of Melbourne. With over 800 rooms, the lobby can get pretty busy. LED Screens Australia has installed an amazing indoor LED display to act as a living artwork to fill this space.

Scape Melbourne

Latest News – March 2018

LED Screens Australia travels to Lismore to install a brand new LED Display and Scoreboard at Oakes Oval. This ground has just undergone major refurbishment the included a brand new AFL and Cricket Scoreboard. We installed a 5120w x 2880h P10 display with our own custom scoring and advertising software. For all you scoreboard enquiries, call or email us anytime.

Oakes Oval 2 Oakes Oval 1

Latest News – December 2017

Our hire department is keeping busy. This is one of our portable LED Displays down at Manly Beach for the Volleyfest international Volleyball competition. LED Screens Australia has a hire display to suit your project. Call us on 0499777907 to discuss your needs.

Hire Screen at Manly

Portable LED Screens for the YMCA
Portable LED Screens for the YMCA

Latest News – July 2014

LED Screens Australia has been keeping busy with both installations and building 3 more of our Portable LED Screens.

These screens will been seen across NSW with the YMCA purchasing a Portable LED Screen for use in centres state-wide.

We have also completed installations for the Penrith Panthers NRL Club, Sporting Bet Stadium  in Penrith and Supplement Warehouse in Leichardt

As always, LED Screens Australia can help you with any LED enquires you have. Call us anytime on 0499 777 907

Supplement Warehouse in Leichardt
Supplement Warehouse in Leichardt
Penrith Panthers NRL Club, Sporting Bet Stadium in Penrith
Penrith Panthers NRL Club, Sporting Bet Stadium




LED Screens Australia has just finished the installation of a new 4.5m x 2.5m P10 LED display and scoreboard at Wade Park in Orange. This display will be used for Rugby, AFL, Football and Cricket via our custom scoring software.

The high resolution P10 screen will allow detailed sponsor advertising and DVD / TV playback. This installation was unique in that the screen has a synchronous WIRELESS link from the control system allowing real-time wireless control of the LED display.

For more information on how the wireless LED system can help your project, contact LED Screens Australia on 0499 777 907

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A very busy February for LED Screens Australia with the installation of an 7.8m x 3.6m P10 Screen at the International Regatta Centre in Penrith, the home of Olympic Rowing.


March is looking just as busy with two more new projects.

Penrith Panthers NRL club are adding 4 new LED screens to their home ground. 2 x P10 Outdoor Displays for game day information, player profiles and video footage with 2 x 6 meter long scrolling text displays for ticketing information.

Orange City Council is upgrading the old dot-matrix scoreboard at Wade Park in Orange to a new full P10 Display, 4.5m x 2.5m. It will make a huge difference for the Rugby and Cricket played at the venue.

For more information on our projects call LED Screens Australia any time on 0499 777 907


LED Screens Australia has been awarded the tender for a new LED Display and Scoreboard for the Sydney International Regatta Centre in Penrith.

A brand new 7.8m x 3.6m outdoor screen, with a 10mm Pixel Pitch will be installed mid February.

Along with a new LED Screen, the back of house control system will be upgraded to allow multiple inputs, timing and race results, on course cameras and custom advertising, all to be accessed with just the touch of a button.

For more information on how LED Screens Australia can help with your display or scoreboard project, call Myles Duggan anytime on 0499 777 907

An article about LED Screens Australia in Bathurst City Life.


The latest technology in LED Screens has come to Bathurst with LED Screens Australia constructing a new portable LED Screen which will provide Bathurst residents and business owners with a new and exciting way to advertise or entertain.


LOCALS MYLES Duggan and Daniel Dibley have partnered up to kick start their business venture with the aim of taking the idea all across the region. Myles has been in the Audio Visual and electrical business for over 20 years and does all the design, construction and installation of the screens.

The idea of constructing a portable LED Screen mounted on a trailer for hire came to Myles when he was installing a few screens at the Oxford Hotel.

“ I just thought, it would be good to do a high quality, portable and adjustable screen, perfect for sports events such as when the
Panthers come. or other sports events” Myles said.

“We started construction in about October and we’ve just finished.”

Myles joined with Daniel to assist with the marketing side of the business and with bookings already flowing in, these two are on to a good thing.

“We’ve got the Council using it for Australia Day and Harvey Norman using it for their big sale too.”

The screens really are something; not only do they display scores and content from computers, they can show movies, Digital TV and graphics and have high powered speakers, perfect for functions or parties or even a drive-in movie theatre.

The screen is 3.2 metres wide and 1.8 metres high and is completely self-contained with the on-board generator providing 8 hour’s use on a single tank of fuel or can be run from the mains. It has built in software and can be adjusted up to 3.5 metres from the ground and rotate 360 degrees.

“We have this one for hire, either weekly or daily for the public or for business use, or people can purchase them if they like!”

So if you see a big T.V driving around, now you know what it’s all about! You can check them out at  www.ledscreensaustralia.com.au

An article about LED Screens Australia in the Western Advocate.

Duo’s mobile LED screen first in the Central West


Bathurst man Daniel Dibley has been a master of thinking outside the square ever since he asked former Miss World Jennifer Hawkins to be his date for his Year 12 formal.

Daniel, always the entrepreneur, has joined Myles Duggan in starting a new local business – LED Screens Australia.
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They have fitted a custom-designed trailer with a 3200mm wide x 1800mm high full colour LED outdoor screen to be leased as a scoreboard for sporting events, for advertising, community events, and even screening movies. It has its own built-in computer system.

The trailer was fabricated by Jay Jay Welding and the screen imported. A hydraulic lift allows the screen to be raised 3.5m from the ground. It rotates through 360 degrees and has an adjustable viewing angle.

Daniel said there was nothing like the mobile screen in the Central West. It is very versatile because it is portable.

The screen can run from its own generator for eight hours on a single tank of fuel or it can be plugged into a power supply.

Daniel, who has almost completed his BA in Business and Marketing, is doing the marketing for the new business, while Myles, who came to Bathurst three years ago after working as an audio visual technician in Sydney, does most of the hands-on work.

The duo recently won the tender to build an eight metre by three-and-a-half metre fixed screen at the International Regatta Centre in Penrith. They will be replacing a screen set up for the 2000 Olympics.

“It was good tender to win,” Myles said.

“We found out we’d won the contract on Christmas Eve. That made it a good Christmas.

“Hopefully the business will go well enough to one day offer a fleet of these mobile screens.

“It’s pretty exciting – it’s a much better visual medium than anything we have seen in the past,” he said.

They have already been approached by a number of organisations wishing to hire the mobile screen.

It can be used for dance parties, as a mini outdoor cinema for children’s parties, and for sporting clubs.

Once it has been towed to a venue it can be set up in minutes.

Information shown on it can be stored and transferred for later use.

Daniel admitted he has always been a bit of an entrepreneur and recently had the opportunity to have lunch with mortgage broker John Symond. He said it was very motivating.

“We talked about uni and life and which direction to take,” he said.

He added that he has never been able to live down asking Jennifer Hawkins to his school formal, but adds that it was just a bit of fun – all part of life’s experience.

“I’m surprised it created so much interest,” he said.