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LED Screens Australia has two sizes of our Portable LED Screen.

Our smaller display is a great budget option for advertising and entertainment

  • Portable LED Screen on 7 x 4 single axel trailer
  • P6 full colour Outdoor Screen
  • 2560 wide x 1600 high (screen display)
  • Screen size of 4.096 Square meters
  • 240v Mains powered
  • 24 Month Warranty
  • Several control and audio options are available

Our premier portable display is a 3840wide x 22400high full colour P6 outdoor screen. This screen is completely self contained with the on-board generator allowing up to 15 hours use on a single tank of fuel. With the built in software   the screen can be used for both advertising and as a scoreboard. A high end audio system, wireless microphone and set top box or VAST receivers are some of the options available

  • P6 full colour high resolution screen
  • 3840 wide x 2240 high
  • Screen size of 9.36 Square Meters
  • Hydraulic lift allowing the screen to be raised to 3.5m from the ground
  • 360 degrees rotation , adjustable viewing angle
  • 240 volt mains or self-contained generator powered
  • Multi-use screen, Jpegs, AVI’s, QuickTime’s, DVD’s, Movies, PC Graphics, Digital TV
  • Ideal for advertising and for information displays
  • Scoreboard for Cricket, AFL, League, Union, Soccer, Basketball, Swimming and Hockey
  • High powered speakers for audio playback
  • Set top box or VAST receiver for TV playback
  • Can be operated while towing as a moving billboard

For hire and sale. Please contact LED Screens Australia for more information on LED Scoreboards.